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Couchsurfing Meetups in Bangkok

December 26, 2015


The best thing about traveling is that even if you are shy, it is easy to start a conversation with the people around you. Even at the worst-case scenario you will have travel in common!

The Couchsurfing Project was first founded by a community of individuals (hosts) who opened up their homes for fellow travelers (surfers).

It’s actually much more fun than just a way to get free accommodation in almost anywhere in the world. It’s a place to learn, teach, exchange hospitality and meet people who love travel and adventures as much as you do. It’s a perfect guide to interact with the locals in their own country and milieu.

I Couchsurf with my own set of rules and limits — I meet Couchsurfers, other travelers and locals, but stay in a private accommodation or a hostel. My first Couchsurfing meetup was in Penang, Malaysia in January 2014 and I have been to two meetups in Bangkok in October and December 2015.

My first Couchsurf meetup in Bangkok (October 2015)

My first Couchsurf meetup in Bangkok (October 2015)

Couchsurfing meetups in Bangkok happens weekly on Wednesday nights. It was a 5 minute walk from my hostel at a restaurant called “Skate Bar & Cafe” next to Ratchathewi BTS Station Exit 2. I had another hostel mate who had planned to go there, so we both arrived at 8pm and everyone was engaged in there chitchats. There were locals, expatriates as well as travelers from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands; some, like me, just passing through.


Both meetups in Bangkok ended up at Khaosan Road, a small road in Bangkok’s metropolitan area, is the backpacker central in Thailand. It’s a budget travelers haven for cheap accommodation, drinks, food, crazy atmosphere, and the unmistakable party and laid back scene. I had an amazing time during the meetup and at Khaosan Road. Lastly, I enjoyed a wonderful exotic dish, a deep fried scorpion on a stick. Had I not had their company, I imagine I would have probably gone bed early at my hostel.


Don’t ask me how it tastes!


We had a wonderful time at Khaosan Road

The next night, I joined my new Couchsurfing buds for a game of pool at the same restaurant we met for the meetup. Some games I won, some games they won. We had fun!


We enjoyed a few games of pool and had a great night

There are so many other Couchsurfing activities happening in Bangkok – yoga, camping, food classes, road-trips and musical concerts to name a few.

I have read that there are many cities around the world that has Couchsurfing circles just like this one. Let’s say someone goes Couchsurfing for an year all over India and gets welcomed into communities all over the continent.

I’d also have missed unforgettable moments like this.


Bugging a merchant who sold us wrist bands at Khaosan Road

If you are visiting Bangkok and would like to hangout at the Couchsurfing weekly meetup, go there on a Wednesday night by 8pm, directions and map are below:

Skate Bar & Cafe, 294/14 Phayathai Rd, Thanon Phetchaburi, Ratchathewi
A restaurant next to the Rachathewi BTS Station Exit 2.

The area the restaurant located is called Cocowalk and it is in the shape of a rectangle from above. If your back is to the BTS and your face is looking at Cocowalk, there will be three paths. A path to your left, a path in front of you (through the walk path rather than the drive) and a path to your right. The paths to your left and right are streets for cars, the path through Cocowalk is the path for people, follow this path and take the middle path, pass the cocowalk sign, and “THE SKATE BAR & CAFE” is the first restaurant on the right hand side. You will see the board written down “Couchsurfing meet up”.

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