Colombo Trouble

Double Tragedy During Colombo Weekend Trip

February 12, 2016

It was just an ordinary weekend trip to Colombo in November 2013, me and my friend left Male’ on the 8.45pm flight after winding office at 6pm. Our flight arrived Colombo at 10.40pm and had a Srilankan friend picked us from the airport and dropped us at La Villa Sanctuary, a two room boutique hotel located at Thalawathugoda, a suburb of Colombo about 16 kilometers from central Colombo.

I have been to La Villa Sanctuary in August 2013, but it was my friend’s first time. I found the boutique villa very quiet and relaxing, it had a small outdoor pool, the rooms were tastefully decorated. The villa even had a resident duck, a pond full of fish and turtles, a cute and entertaining combination, most importantly what fascinated me was the number of Kabaragoya’s that roamed around the lake next to the villa in the morning hours. Kabaragoya is the Singhalese name for South East Asian monitor lizard – this is what made me come back to the same villa to see them along with my friend.

At La Villa Sanctuary in September 2013

A photo taken during my visit to La Villa Sanctuary in September 2013. Can you spot me?

We arrived the hotel by midnight and found the main door locked and there wasn’t a door bell to ring. We tried calling the telephone number provided in the Agoda hotel voucher, but there was no answer. We waited almost half an hour at the main entrance and my friend decided to climb over the 6 feet wall into the yard of the villa to see if the watcher was asleep, he climbed over the wall and entered the premises, however to our unfortunate luck, there was nobody around. Just then, a car drove in and I quickly alerted my friend that someone was approaching the villa in a car. He quickly jumped over the wall and twisted his ankle during land. Two people in the car got down and I asked them if they were coming in as well and they said they came to visit their friend, I told them we had the hotel booked and nobody was answering the door bell, they appeared good friends of the owner and thought the hotel was vacant the night, we told them everything, even they tried calling the villa owner but there was no answer.

Finally, we decided to go and look for another hotel in Colombo at 1am early morning, we headed straight to the Pearl City Hotel, popular budget hotel among Maldivians visiting Colombo and located centrally at Bambalapitiya. We expected rooms to be available and got a room, my friend was hardly able to walk, but he still didn’t want to go to the hospital and wanted to sleep and go in the morning.

We were up by 9 in the morning and took off to Durdan’s hospital in Colpetty to consult my friend to a doctor, he was rushed to the emergency room. The doctor diagnosed him and suggested pain killers to help him get relief from the pain, doctor also asked me if he could get my friend a suppository which I didn’t know what was, but agreed on – I actually thought a suppository was some type of injection. Anyway, I was very thirsty and headed out to get some water from a small cafe’ opposite the hospital, I got a bottled water and quickly got back to find my friend swearing at me. I asked him what was wrong and he said the doctor inserted something into his rectum, and at that moment I realized what actually a suppository was.

My friend admitted at the hospital emergency room

My friend admitted at the hospital emergency room

If you don’t know what a suppository is, I strongly suggest you search the net and find out what exactly it is now.

The doctor also prescribed him other medicine which made him feel better, but this particular weekend trip to Colombo didn’t turn out very pleasant.

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  • Reply SInis ter Razmi February 12, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    Good one!!!

  • Reply Muizzu February 12, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    Hahaha… next time search the net before agreeing on giving anything the doctor says… u cud save a friend. Good one!!

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