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Are You Prepared To Survive a Plane Crash?

March 26, 2016

Many people chuckle or snicker when I ask them if they are prepared to survive a plane crash, and they ask me how could anyone actually survive a plane crash to even begin with when traveling at a speed of about 600mph at an altitude of 30,000 feet. That’s correct, you can’t really expect anyone to survive a plane crash of that immense impact.

The recent crash of Flydubai flight 981 is the reason that triggered me to write this article, and while there are so much readily available information and tips on the internet about “How to Survive a Plane Crash”, Does reading them help or make any difference? Do people actually take in anything from these reads? Do you think none of the passengers on-board Flydubai flight 981 previously read any information or tips about airplane crash survival before? Was the crew on-board given adequate training to respond during plane crash scenario?

In preparation to write this article I did a little research and wasn’t surprised to learn that the chances of being involved in an airplane crash is something like 9 million to 1, making airline transportation the safest mode to travel. In fact, driving a car is much more dangerous, resulting thousands of victims daily in all parts of the world.

The representation of an airplane crash usually involves an aircraft plummeting to the ground from the sky at enormous speed and killing everyone on-board in a terrifying fireball, not one bit different from the above YouTube video footage of the final moments of Flydubai flight 981 before crashing.

Aviation experts continue saying while many of us often think that plane crashes are catastrophic events we cannot survive, we can still increase our chances of staying alive if we are prepared. Here is an interesting step-by-step instruction guide on How to Survive A Plane Crash:

How to Survive A Plane Crash

Here is a gaming app developed to explore and learn new possibilities and approaches in aviation safety education. Prepare For Impact guides you with step-by-step instructions to respond in many different aircraft-related emergencies.

Prepare for Impact | Apple Store
Prepare for Impact | Google Play

Plane crashes maybe extremely rare events, and while the odds of being involved in a plane crash remain slim, they are not null. But if the worst happens, it makes sense to be as prepared as much as possible. The above tips may guide you with the knowledge you need to plan ahead and escape quickly should your plane ever crash.

Would you remember them and know how to react should you fall in such situation?

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