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10 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2017

November 24, 2016

Do you need a dose of travel inspiration everyday? I am sure my favorite Instagram travel accounts won’t let you down!

Instagram has become so much more than just sunsets and selfies. These photographers everyday capture incredible images of people, scenery, and animals from very different parts of the world. But among millions of users on this super social media network, how do you search for the best? There are so many awesome Instagrammers out there but here are the top 10 travel Instagram accounts I suggest you follow in 2017:

1. My Life’s A Movie @ mylifesatravelmovie

Be it solo or with friends, hiking at Machu Picchu, or stand up paddle boarding through caves, Alyssa knows exactly how to impress her Instagram followers and live adventurously through her off-the-beaten path travels. She inspires young women to find the courage and confidence to travel solo. Be sure to check out her photos from the Maldives trip.

2. Getting Stamped @ gettingstamped

I have been following this couple a little over an year now and I must say Hannah and Adam’s travels are amazing, it’s such a shame I couldn’t see them during their visit to the Maldives. Have a look at their Instagram feed, they are really into vibrant and colourful photography.

Getting Stamped
3. FunForLouis @ funforlouis

British film-maker and YouTube artist, Louis Cole is the very reason that inspired me to start this blog. He constantly travels from one destination to the other in his YouTube videos, from morning until evening, he keeps vlogging and uploading them for his fans to see and inspires them. Check his photo stream and see how he lives through his adventures!
4. The Planet D @ theplanetd

Dave and Deb are super talented writers, their photography is even better. Every single photo of them bursts with colors and clarity, you can’t help but want to see them and what they are up to everyday.

The Planet D
5. World of Wanderlust @ worldwanderlust

Brooke Saward hails from Australia, and has a severe case of wanderlust, she seems to be in a different part of the world every week, sharing her adventures with her followers from afar at top holiday destinations around the globe. Follow her on Instagram to understand what fuels that world of wanderlust for us travellers.

6. Murad Osmann @ muradosmann

Without any doubt, some of the most beautiful pictures you will ever find on Instagram are captured by this Russian photographer. Murad Osmann and his wife, Natalia Zakharova has been shooting all over the world with the alluring #followmeto images. It was inspired by the impatience of Natalia to see the world, the photographs show her trying to lead Murad as he stops to take the photos.

7. The Blonde Abroad @ theblondeabroad

Kiersten Rich left her corporate finance job to travel the world and blog full-time, her Instagram feed features humor, fashion, food and festivals. She’s the proof that everyone can travel luxuriously on a budget, check her Instagram and find out!

8. Trey Ratcliff @ treyratcliff

Trey Ratcliff’s extraordinary travel photography explains the exceptional collection of images on his Instagram feed. They are full of vibrant colors, sheer beauty, and some of the world’s most amazing scenery. I am absolutely sure he won’t disappoint you.

Trey Ratcliff
9. Brendan van Son @ brendanvanson

No wonder Brendan van Son’s photos will make you want to pack up and fly somewhere soon. His Instagram feed will show you some of the world’s most spectacular views, and will make you desperate to visit them yourself.

10. Conor MacNeill @ thefella

Conor MacNeill comes from Ireland and is a fine-art, travel and destination photographer. Having visited more than 60 countries, and the number still rising. He inspires people with the little captions he writes in his Instagram photos, making them want to visit the places he has travelled to.

Conor MacNeill

Please feel free to comment and share your favorite instagrammers in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow me at

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