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  • addumarathon
    Interviews Maldives

    Marathon Tourism in Maldives

    “Sports tourism” is taking Asia by storm, but will Western runners want to traverse through Maldives’ geographically dispersed islands? Spectator sports tourism enjoys a high priority, especially with the magnitude of media coverage given to some…

    January 23, 2018
  • Maldives Low Budget

    The Maldives Inspirers of Indonesia

    Today, I bring you an interview with Tommy & Dea from Maldives Low Budget, the first Indonesian based online travel middleman that offers all-inclusive trips to Maldives. Established in November 2014, operated 100% online without any…

    May 26, 2016
  • Why Travel Bloggers Fail

    Why Travel Bloggers Fail

    If writing about one’s travel experiences are as easy as pie, everyone would do it and globe-trot around the world with their new-found freedom. However, travel blogging is much serious and tougher than that. I read about…

    May 15, 2016
  • Mina Karin

    Confessions Of A Wanderlust: Mina Karin

    Every once in a while, The Island Logic will feature a jet-setter, world traveler, social influencer, adventurer, or just someone with lots of desire to escape into the world of wanderlust. Today, it’s Mina Karin,…

    April 3, 2016
  • Interviews

    Around the Maldives in 23 Days

    This January – Gabbe, a small time adrenaline junkie will embark on an epic adventure of a lifetime, sailing across the Maldives on an 18 foot catamaran. When someone succeeds in doing what many…

    January 14, 2016

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