Around the Maldives in 23 Days

January 14, 2016

This January – Gabbe, a small time adrenaline junkie will embark on an epic adventure of a lifetime, sailing across the Maldives on an 18 foot catamaran.

When someone succeeds in doing what many of us would consider hard to achieve, we often refer them “inspiring”. They make us feel that minor hurdles we each face lack strength and solidity. It is the inspiration we find from people who are so positive, so driven, that they make us feel that we each can do anything we set our minds to.  They’re the people we want to be more like, the adventurers and heroes who ask “Why not?”

When I first saw Atoll Sailor’s sponsored video post on Facebook, I thought he was “inspirational” in that very first sense. He’s got a dream to circumnavigate Maldives solo on an 18 foot catamaran.  However, once I got to know Abdul Gafoor (Gabbe) a little more, it became very clear that the inspiration he provides fits the latter definition.

In late January, Gabbe will be heading across the Maldives in the hope of becoming the first person to sail across the Maldives in a catamaran.  I am awed by Gabbe, and honored to feature the man with the “crazy adrenaline dream” as The Island Logics‘ latest post.


Here are some questions and answers from a moment with Gabbe:

TheIslandLogic: How did the idea come about?
Gabbe: It was initially something my grandfather suggested when I was aged ten, his concept was going around the Maldives in a traditional sail. I vowed him that someday I will do it.

TheIslandLogic: How long have you been sailing?
Gabbe: 25 years

TheIslandLogic: When do you start the journey and how many days will it take to complete?
Gabbe: It could take about 23 days to go around the Maldives according to my schedule, depends on several factors such as the wind, weather and speed. A date is not finalized yet, but definitely before end of January.

TheIslandLogic: Do you receive sufficient support from the community?
Gabbe: Yes! I am expecting more though.

TheIslandLogic: Are you carrying any endorsements from any organizations? If so, who?
Gabbe: Yes, but I will make this information public when the paper works are done and confirmed.

TheIslandLogic: Is this the first time someone is sailing across the Maldives in a catamaran sail?
Gabbe: Yes! There is no other documented or recorded, although some claim they have done so.

TheIslandLogic: Do you have a schedule?
Gabbe: Yes! I have a timetable created based on weather forecast data of the last ten years in the Maldives and different regions.

TheIslandLogic: Will you be taking stops in islands during your journey?
Gabbe: Yes! I will be taking about 21 stops throughout the journey and will showcase highlights in my Facebook page, I will be covering a lot of information about the rich heritage and marine life of the Maldives.

TheIslandLogic: Will any other supports vessels accompany you during your journey?
Gabbe: Yes! There will be a stand-by support vessel in close vicinity throughout my journey.

TheIslandLogic: Is there any association in Maldives relevant to sailing?
Gabbe: Yes! There is a Sailing Association of Maldives and took part in the 2015 Indian Ocean Island Games.

TheIslandLogic: Thank you Gabbe, Siku and Elvis (Nazeem Ahmed) for your valuable time. Wish Gabbe & Atoll Sailor all the best for the ultimate journey.

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