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Top Travel Bloggers You Should Be Following On Snapchat

April 25, 2016

Can you visualize how breathtaking it would be to see live footage of thousands of temples and the great panoramic view over Bagan, Myanmar while on a hot air balloon, or hiking at the Grand Canyon, or watch live videos of a music concert?

Tag along your celebrity travelers as they explore the globe on Snapchat – a revolutionary mobile app that lets you send pictures, text, videos and emojis to an audience in real time, it disappears after a few seconds of a person viewing them. Snapchat users are rapidly increasing and erupting in popularity with over 250 million daily users and over a billion snaps per day.

So, to enable your wanderlust and make your time spent on Snapchat a lot more travel addictive, I have made a collection of vagabonds who can show you the world and previews of their travel adventures, one snap at a time:

Kate← Kate McCulley @AdventurousKate
Probably the most accepted female solo travel blogger. She quit her job in 2010 for globetrotting, 63 countries in five years and the list is still going up. Follow Kate as she surpasses her blog status through Snapchat. She will keep you on your toes as you stalk her adventures and current journey.

Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten @ExpertVagabond →
The Expert Vagabond is a popular adventure travel blog by Matthew Karsten who is up for adventure and adrenaline rush. Join him on Snapchat as he is certain to plunge you into outlandish culture and show you how to break out of your comfort zone.

Stephanie Be← Stephanie Be @TravelBreak
Steph Be is a full-time female solo traveler socializing with people she meet in real life through social media and travel. She shares her stories, adventures and experiences through TravelBreak. She frequently snaps a photo of her current location, adding an emoji as a teaser, which she later releases on her blog and Instagram. She’s is worth meeting up if she happens to arrive to a city near you!

EdnaEdna Zhou @ExpatEdna →
Renowned by her blog, Edna has been in the off-beaten-path for over five years. Her travel experiences are both entertaining and inspiring, and she does an excellent job in taking her Snapchat followers on a tour at every place she visits, follow her and she will convince you to book a trip of your own!

krich-thu← Kiersten Rich @TheBlondeAbroad
A California native known for her elegant blog and luxurious travel lifestyle. Her adventures are charming, motivating, and worth checking up. Follow her Snapchat as she takes you to musical concerts, pristine beaches, and amazing places around the world!

hannah-thuHannah Lukaszewicz @GettingStamped →
Hannah and her husband Adam run the popular blog GettingStamped, they have been traveling since June 2013 after quitting their jobs, having traveled to over 54 countries since then, they have always been anxious to explore new destinations and cultures. They will never let you down by following their journey on Snapchat.

mark-thu← Mark Weins @Migrationology
Mark is a foodie master. He runs the popular food channel, Migrationology on YouTube, where he tours the globe in search of local food. He is currently in Thailand, snapping the best of local Thai dishes. Don’t miss out. Kapunka!

kristin-thu Kristin Addis – @Krislikewhaat →
Kristin runs a fabulous and entertaining travel blog called Be My Travel Muse, where she documents all her travels. She’s known to dare and explore those “off the beaten path” regions and areas that few people do and that makes her snaps genuine and thrilling. I am telling you that she is a must follow, so start following her now!

trey-thu← Trey Ratcliff @TreyRatcliff
Trey is the owner of Stuck in Customs, a professional photographer and a nonstop traveler. He’s won hundreds of awards for visual storytelling, which makes him an expert on Snapchat. Follow him and see how beautiful the world is through his camera lens.

barrett-thuBarrett Caldwell @uscgmtb →
Barrett helps growing Worldwide Travel Outfitter and he has been to 55 countries as a Military Diplomat & Former Travel Writer. He is very entertaining, often snaps in the great American outdoors.

drew-thu← Drew Binsky @drewbinsky
Arizona native, Drew Binskyhe is a full-time travel blogger and an expert in partying and entertainment, his snaps are full of fun activities with the locals and a lot of crazy parties!

Louis Cole @funforlouis →

British filmmaker and YouTube artist, Louis Cole certainly has the greatest job in the world. The 32-year-old travels the world making videos of his experiences, he has acquired over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and 633,000-plus on Twitter. In 2014, he traveled across six continents, flown over 100 flights, documenting his travel experiences. This is the guy who inspired me to travel and and start this blog.

flora-thu← Flora Baker @explorerflora
London-born Flora Baker is a writer, blogger, volunteer & traveler, exploring the world and searching for stories. Over the last six years, she has lived in the United States and Italy, worked in Iceland and India, volunteered in Lithuania and Nepal.

Amy @twodrifters →amy-thu
Amy Dresser is a freelance travel writer & one of Two Drifter, a pair of writers and photographers madly in love with each other. They met in 2011 at a hostel in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since then, they have been side by side, collecting beautiful and lasting memories, blogging about travel, relationship goals and helping people travel longer and love better.

ksimmons-thu← Krista Simmons @krista_simmons
Krista Simmons is a foodie adventurer, she’s on a mission to uncover the world’s most delicious eats and keep in mind that her snaps will make you hungry. No matter where she is, her goofy and fun-loving personality makes her snaps a ton of fun to watch.

trevor-thuTrevor Morrow @thetrevormorrow →
Trevor is a travel writer with a keen passion for adrenaline adventures and memorable experiences. He usually combines video, photos, texts and emojis to create entertaining snaps while on the road. He’s the guy who recently snapped on a chopper hovering over Mt. Rushmore and from the top of the London Eye.

alicia-thu← Alicia Drewnicki @aliciaexplores
Alicia brands her blog as Alicia Explores, the British traveler and video maker talks about her travels, dating or just about everything. Sometimes she speaks in Portuguese and throws crazy Snapchat competitions. She will definitely make you laugh with her snaps, she’s got the habit of also introducing you to some special people in her life.

alyssa-thuAlyssa Ramos @mylifesamovie.c →
California native, Alyssa is a solo female travel blogger at My Life’s a Movie. She has also camped solo on a deserted island, chased waterfalls in Iceland and recently learned surfing in Costa Rica. Follow her on Snapchat and she explains how to shoot a perfect photo.

anna-thu← Anna Lysakowska @anna-everywhere
Anna is behind the popular adventure & luxury blog called Anna Everywhere. She has been to 70 countries in 10 years and still continuing to grow the list and sharing her wonderful stories and experiences. From descending a rock face in Mexico, through chic hotels in Singapore, white sandy beaches of Fiji, to jet-skiing in California Anna will show you the true art of adventure travel. Follow her on Snapchat to see it all!

kristinf-thuKristin Francis @souvenirfinder →
As a New York native Kristin will share with you how real life in the city is like. She travels and shops and blogs at Souvenir Finder. Apart from life at New York city, she will also take you on her journeys around the globe through her snaps. She’s fun, have a look at her crazy Snapchat cliches!

brock-thu← Brock Groombridge @backpackerbrock
Traveled 75 countries in a little over 6 years, his snaps are a mix of daring experiences, he’s fun and is certain to make you laugh everyday or at least make you smile. He runs a blog called Backpack With Brock, he shares his travel experiences and stories in HD video. Follow him on Snapchat as he attempts to cover 100 countries before turning 30!

mike-thuMike Corey @KickTheGrind →
Mike is a Canadian breakdancing marine biologist who became a travel Youtuber, he travels the world while creating epic video content, at the same time, allocating time for breakdancing and scuba-diving. Follow him on Snapchat to see his love for underwater marine life.

vaga-thu← Alex and Marko Ayling @Vagabrothers
These Californian brothers have acquired an amazing skill in creating incredible travel videos. They are currently working on to make their snapchat bilingual with English and Spanish, follow them if you are looking for two rad dudes to go on adventures with.

Yvonne-thuYvonne Zaggerman @JustTravelous →
German travel blogger with a strong desire to explore the world and epic road trips while singing car karaoke. A lot of her snaps are in English, while a few of them are in German. Follow her travels to epic destinations like Tajikistan and many more.

Cailin-thu← Cailin O’Neil @cailinoneil
Cailin is an award winning Canadian filmmaker, traveler and blogger. She has traveled to nearly 50 countries, her snaps provide very useful information, they are often hilarious and a mix of everything from staying in a hostel to a luxury safari. Check out her snaps to follow Travel the World with the Girl Next Door.

mhodson-thuMichael Hodson @michaelshodson →
Michael was an attorney in Northwest Arkansas until he gave up his job in 2008 to circumnavigate the world without having to get off the land. He snaps almost everyday and they are hilarious, and sometimes swears. If you want someone to narrate as it is, share a lot of humor and unique snaps from a whole host of locations, he is your man.

bbrown-thu← Ben Brown @mr.benbrown
British filmmaker, and former athlete who kayaked for the British Flat Water Kayak team for 10 years, is now traveling the world, exploring amazing outdoor sights and vlogging daily for his YouTube channel, entertaining over 384,000 Youtube subscribers. If seeing him everyday on YouTube is not enough, follow him on Snapchat for more!

ChrisHeather-thuChris & Heather @aBritSoutherner →

Avid travelers, a British lad and a Southerner belle share their travel experiences with the hope to inspire those to travel & to be open to different cultures around the globe. Follow them through their seemingly-endless stream of fabulous snaps!

amanda-thu← Amanda Williams @dangerousbiz
Amanda hails from Ohio, she’s a graduate student, an avid traveler and blogs at A Dangerous Business where she shares her travel stories and adventures around the globe while insisting that it’s not necessary for anyone to quit their job to travel. Follow her on Snapchat to see her never ending tips and travel advise!

topdeck-thuTopdeck Travel →
Topdeck Travel is a travel company providing trips and unforgettable travel experiences for people aged between 18 and 39 throughout the World. This means you get one snap from Sydney Opera House and then another from the Egyptian pyramids… where else? You will have to follow them to find that out.

lisa-thu← Lisa Mahoney @travel_sassy
British travel & lifestyle vlogger, Lisa of Travel Sassy has no difficulty getting sans-makeup done and getting live for the camera. Her videos and snaps provide extensive travel advice, like how to book cheap plane tickets and how to balance travelling with a full-time job!

anglo-thuDale Davies & Franca Calabretta @ai_followus →
British-Italian full-time travelers and vegetarian couple searching the world for fascinating architecture, amazing art, innovative designs, and local music since 2012. Follow them on Snapchat for advise on slow & budget travel.

scott-thu← Scott Tisson @intrepidescape
British travel writer, photographer and videographer at Intrepid Escape. Follow him on Snapchat to find out his love for adrenaline adventures, fitness and travel through his snaps!

kDawes-thuKatie Dawes @the_hostelgirl →
British travel blogger, writer and owner of The Hostel Girl blog who’s got a soft spot for traveling and the hostel community – for uniting people of all backgrounds under the same roofs internationally.

lp-thu← Lonely Planet @lpsnapz
The most comprehensive travel guide book publisher in the world, worth following on Snapchat in order to stay up to date on innovative marketing practices, and a must for those with a lust for adventure!

Damon And Jo @damonandjo →

Damon and Jo are two multilingual travelers in their twenty-somethings, they both are not your everyday young adults, they believe traveling should not be done the Condé Nast style. The two embarked on a journey of a lifetime, visiting to over 30 countries in the last three years. Follow them on their adventures on Snapchat! These travelling buddies will keep you entertained and well informed.

Ahmed Ijaz

← Ahmed Ijaz @theislandlogic
Last but not least, don’t forget me.

What are you waiting for? Follow these travel bloggers on Snapchat to inspire your inner wanderlust, and explore the world in the most exciting way possible.

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