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Why you should sign up for Priority Pass with your VISA Card

February 11, 2017

Priority Pass is the largest independent network of airport lounges in the world, they don’t operate their own lounges, but rather gives you convenient access to over 1000+ airport lounges in more than 500 cities worldwide.

But, why an airport lounge?
Airports are crowded places with lots of noise and activity, with travelers rushing through different terminals, gates and checkpoints that can go from smooth to a standstill in seconds, unless they get into an airport lounge. Of course, it will cost you some money to get into a lounge, however, the benefits are very real and worth what it costs, regardless if you aren’t rich or a frequent flyer.

Provided by airlines and third-parties, lounges offer convenient services ranging from comfortable chairs and tables, food and beverages, free newspapers and magazines, free Wi-Fi and internet access, shower rooms, pre-flight spa treatments, and, most importantly, a tranquil  area to wait for your flight—whether you want to get some sleep or desk work done.

Leeli Lounge

Leeli Lounge at Velana International Airport, Maldives

Priority Pass is currently running a promotion offering discounts off its membership plans for VISA Cardholders with cards issued in Asia Pacific for the first year. They currently offer three levels of paid annual membership:

  • Standard membership at $99 a year with $27 per lounge visit.
  • Standard Plus membership at $249 a year with 10 free lounge visits (equivalent to 24.90$ per visit).
  • Prestige membership at $399 a year with unlimited free lounge visits.

Priority Pass membership plans

To be very honest, the standard membership doesn’t make much sense to me at all, while you pay $99 for your annual membership fee and still have to pay $27 for each lounge visit during the one year subscription period. I recommend the Prestige membership, you probably will not think twice about using the lounge because you will have to pay for it. Whose paying 27$ for admission to stay inside an airport lounge for 10 minutes to grab a coffee and a light snack? You probably will get it cheaper at any Starbucks or any other coffee parlors at the airport.

While it is also increasingly difficult to obtain airline elite status to access airport lounges, Priority Pass is a lifesaver for so many reasons, and especially if you avail this offer if you are VISA Cardholder and if the card has been issued in Asia Pacific. Click here to access the Priority Pass landing page for the Visa Card holder promotion.
Priority Pass Special Offer for Visa Cardholders
Priority Pass membership rates for Visa Cardholders enrolling for the promotion:

  • Standard membership at $64 for the first year with $27 per lounge visit.
  • Standard Plus membership at $186 for the first year with 10 free lounge visits (equivalent to 18.60$ per visit).
  • Prestige membership at $299 for the first year with unlimited free lounge visits.

The Priority Pass Prestige membership is totally worth it, and only if you travel often through airports that have attractive lounge facilities or if you have to frequently fly with airlines that do not offer you lounge access such as low-cost carriers or even airlines like SriLankan Airlines where only the Gold and Platinum club members are eligible for lounge access as part of its frequent flyer programme, FlySmiles.

For longer lounge visits, the Priority Pass Standard Plus membership is acceptable at 18.60$ per visit. I would still spend that money on dining at a good restaurant than paying it to a lounge visit of 1-3 hours. But, sure, there are things you cannot have a price tag on them such as the need of accessing the internet or a refreshing shower during a long day or delayed flight.

You have to do some math, though. How often do you need to visit an airport lounge? OR, How many airport lounges have you visited in the past one year? This promotion clearly states that, to avail the promotion, the VISA cards have to be issued in Asia Pacific, however I have also found out that it’s also possible to purchase the membership with international VISA cards.

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