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Airline Review: Thai VietJet Air

February 15, 2018

Thai VietJet Air is a Thai low-cost carrier based at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. It is also a joint venture between Vietjet Air (Ho Chi Minh City) and Kan Air (Chiang Mai), and operates a fleet of A320s and A321s with average age of 3.3 years old. The airline currently flies to 30 regional destinations in Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Hong Kong. I recently flew on this airline for the first time and here is my review and experience:


A Thai VietJet Air flight attendant in her uniform.


The aircraft featured 29 inches of seat pitch and a seat width of 17 inches.


Each seat had an ample service tray, independent air controls, and seat-back pockets to store phones and adapters.


Passenger safety briefing card.


In-flight menu.


In-flight magazine.

Flyme branded air sickness bag.

VietJet Air branded air sickness bag.

I didn’t have any meals on this flight. In-flight meals are not included in the price of the air-ticket, but it is possible to pre-order it through VietJet’s website at the time of purchasing the tickets, otherwise it could be purchased on-board subjected to availability.

Flying Thai VietJet Air was worth every cent. As a low-cost carrier, they certainly don’t provide luxury but they offer great online deals and certainly has an interesting fleet to look forward to in the airline industry. The crew is simply cool and seem to love their jobs, their service is fast and super friendly. I guess it must be the passion they have and you can feel that you’re in good hands. I’ll definitely fly you again Thai VietJet Air.

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